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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Journey Continues

Another 4 lbs lighter!  Woot, woot!!!

Now I am down to 217lbs.  This was a really good week.  Only one unplanned meal.  I still didn't choose wisely for that unplanned meal.  What made the difference though is I had lots of bonus points left.  I had a couple of days I stayed within my daily points value without using any of my bonus points.  I am also for the most part, not getting hungry between meals which is always good.  I make sure I take a few healthy snacks in case that does happen.  Usually a fruit and a veggie so that I am not racking up the points but I am taking care of the need for something.

Goals for this week is still to work on the water.  I know this one will be better with a change at work coming up in the New Year, but still want to make sure I am getting in some water everyday.  (I really don't like water..)  Also, I want to make sure I walk at least once this week.  I am feeling better so want to start slowly increasing some activity as well.

How is your goals going?  Have you started planning your goals for next year?

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