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Monday, November 14, 2016

The Beginning

Yesterday began the journey.  The journey to a new me.  I weighed in at my highest weight in my life.  226lbs.  Wow, how did that even happen?  Oh I know how it happened.  It's called stress, overeating, and being a couch potato.  

It is really hard to look at that number 226 in print.  Yikes!  No wonder I am tired after walking in from the parking lot at work each morning.  No wonder after a small amount of time of standing my lower back hurts.  Who wants to carry all that around?

Well it's time to change all that.  I have this beautiful boy who wants to be active and do things with his mom.  Couch potato mom hasn't been able to do those things.  Yep, let the changes begin.

So, I start out with my weapon of choice...Weight Watchers.  It has worked for me in the past, so I know it works.  It's just a matter of sticking to it.  That is why I am here bearing my soul.  You all are going to help me be accountable to myself.

My organizer is ready to use.  I am using it to make my goals, counting my points, working my to do lists for work and home.  The first goal for the week is to aim for 2 lb weight loss.  Also, to work on my water consumption.  I struggle with the 6-8 glasses of water a day.  I have figured out bringing my big cup of water to work helps me get in the first three glasses.  But I have to take the time, to refill it.  So that means taking the time to do that.  Today I got the first 3 in and at lunch had unsweetened tea.  I never refilled the cup.  Got to do better tomorrow.

Another small goal is to make sure I get up from the desk several times a day to move around.  Walk through the hospital.  I will make more concrete activity goals later but just at this point it's baby steps.

Thinking of making some changes yourself?  Got some words of wisdom?  A great weight watcher's recipe?  Feel free to leave me a comment.  I would love to hear what you have to say.  


Donna Nuce said...

I was there 3 years ago. Good for you to get back to Weight Watchers. It worked for me (I am on my third time of going back). I too struggle with the water. I have a fitbit and have made a commitment to 40 minutes of walking with my sister in the early morning. We usually get in a little over 2 miles. That helps a lot. Hang in there and you will feel so much better losing the weight!

samanthadesigns said...

Donna, thanks for encouragement. I already feel so much better. I need a fitbit. Maybe Santa will bring me one. :)