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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Ready to Stamp

I am back.  Moved.  Ready to stamp!

I just got things all organized and ready to go....only one problem....I think the card I made today is, well yucky!  :(

I think in the move, packing, and unpacking I lost my mojo!  I am serious.  The time I had to stamp was less than satisfactory.

I kept messing up.  I kept trying to figure out how to fix the card.  In the end, it was a total dud. 

The good news is I am settled in and ready to stamp.

Only, one catch though, with my new job, I am so busy I don't get time to stamp.  I hope I will get more comfortable, figure out how to get all the things done I need, and then carve out some more time for my creative time.

Wish me luck!  When I get a card made I think I can live with I will be back to post, though I feel it won't be as often as before.

See you all soon!

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