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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Blast from the Past....

 Thought I would show you today something I made for one of the swaps I participated in last fall.  I wasn't blogging much during that time.  Not a really go reason not to blog, but I was working quite a bit so I just did not take the time to share the things I was making.

But here is a loaded flip bag I made to swap with a Halloween theme.  It was my first loaded bag.  I really had a blast making this.  I put my cricut through it's paces.  I made the ghost, picket fence, and cat you see here on the front of the bag. I made plenty of tags with the cricut.   I also added a few things I found at the Target dollar spot or at Michael's to share with my partner.

I think the coolest haloween item I purchased were some glittered bats.  They were too cute.

Below is a close up of a rosette I made with my cricut.  I decorated the front with that cute ghost image.  
Since the beginning of December I haven't participated in any swaps.  I am finding that living in an apartment with limited space just does not always make swapping feasible.  I just don't have places to store the things I get.  So, over the year as I use some of my cool goodies I received I will let you know.  I plan to use as many up as possible before I do another swap.

Of course, knowing me I will probably break that because you just need to collect more stuff...right?😏

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