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Monday, February 27, 2017

Tag Repair

So here is the tag I tore the other day when I was working on my St Patrick's Day tags for a swap I am in.  I was threading the ribbon through when bam.....I tore the cardstock.

I wasn't happy about this because I was totally digging my tag.  It was coming together so well.  Well, I mentioned on Facebook in one of the groups I belong to about this issue, relating how bummed I was.  When a genius...said, "hey if you use a tag topper it will probably cover the rip."

Why didn't I think of that?  Yep, I thought I can totally save this tag thanks to this idea.

I went to my cricut, eyeballing how much of a tag topper I would need.  I used the slice feature to get the just the top of the tag made, then welded two of them together to make this:
I scored the topper in half.  I colored it with Mustard Seed Distress ink.  (None of my green colored distress inks matched the bright green paper I was using).

I put some glue on this tag topper.  Attached the topper to the top of the tag.  I carefully added my ribbon.  This is the end result:
If you are wondering why I am not showing the entire tag, well the swap I entered  still hasn't picked partners.  Regardless, of who is my partner I don't want to spoil the surprise when they get their tags by showing them here.  So I will only be showing this sneak peek at this time.

Once the swap is received, I will post this tag with the other two I made for the swap.

If you have any great tips for saving those papercraft projects you accidentally smudge, or rip...please share in the comments below.  If you have had it happen to you, I guarantee someone else will have the same problem.  You may already have the answer so it won't hurt to share it.  

Thanks for stopping by.

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