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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Christmas gifts

 This year I wanted to do something for all my co-workers.  Something cute that doesn't break the budget.  I turned to my favorite places of course:  Youtube & Pinterest.  These magnet clothes pins that are glamed up are everywhere.  

I thought they would be perfect.  This would lead to me using my stash.  I could do these assembly style which is great to do while watching TV.
I also knew I could make the packaging super cute.  Most of my main project needs came from the Dollar Tree:  The clothes pins, the bags for packaging, and some of the embellishments.  Everything else came from what I already had or from Michael's.  The mod podge and magnets I got from Michael's using that handy 25% off my entire purchase coupon.  😉

The clothes pins were topped with either washi from my stash or paper.  A layer of glossy mod podge I added to the top for a nice shine.  I just added the magnets to finish them off.  I cut paper to pin them on.

I put four pins in the clear bags I got from Dollar Tree.  These I topped with doileys I had in my stash.  Of course, then I had to turn on the Cricut.  It was feeling left out.  So I used the Cricut to make the "For You" labels.  I felt it was missing something so I added snowflake stickers to the label as well.

Below is a video is you want a close look.  Happy Crafting!

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Mrs A. said...

They do make perfect gifts and also stocking fillers. I like the bright sparkly ones in the packet. Hugs Mrs A.